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Jason Warner

Jason drives GitHub’s technical vision to further our mission of being the global platform for software. He is passionate about creating technologies that make GitHub the best place for engineers, developers, designers and researchers to work and learn.

Speaker Series

August 19
Headshot of Dr. Denae Ford Robinson

Dr. Denae Ford Robinson

Microsoft Research

Golden Rules of Building Online Communities that Matter

Online communities for programmers, like Stack Overflow and GitHub, have norms that are not obvious nor inclusive to the 50 million programmers visiting monthly.

October 22
Headshot of Simon Peyton-Jones

Simon Peyton-Jones

Microsoft Research

Computer science meets education, at scale

The UK is in the throes of a wholesale reform of school (K-12) education in computing, one that establishes computer science as a foundational discipline that all children learn from primary school onwards, just as they do maths and natural science.

Headshot of John Hughes

John Hughes

Chalmers University of Technology
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